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Types of Windows

Among the various contracting services offered by Just Real Construction out of Brooklyn, New York, the contracting company has established themselves as  experts in window replacement and installation.  For more than 10 years, Just Real Construction has provided general contracting and window replacement and installation services of several different window types, including:

Awning Windows

Awning windowOften used for ventilation and light, they are placed high on walls and open out and upward, with a hinge on either side of the window opening.  They can be used in bedrooms and bathrooms to allow light and breeze to come in, but still ensure complete privacy from people outside.

Casement windowCasement Windows

Instead of sliding up and down, a casement window opens and closes with a crank.  This makes them ideal for hard-to-reach areas, such as over your kitchen sink.

Double Hung Windows

Double hung windowsSimilar to the standard and more traditional single pane windows, the double hung window allows you to open just the top half or just the bottom half.  Many people prefer a double hung window for their child’s room to allow fresh air in from the top of the window and ensure young children do not fall out through the bottom of a traditional open window.

Gliding Windows

Sliding windowA gliding window slides in and out to open and close, rather than having to push it up to open or turn a crank like the other types of windows.  They are easier to maneuver, and work well on walls that line walkways and seating areas where you wouldn’t want an awning or casement window sticking out when open.

Picture Windows

Picture windowFor areas where you need a lot of light and unobstructed views, the picture window is the ideal solution.  Picture windows are a pane of glass, but they don’t open so you wouldn’t want to use them in an area where you need ventilation.  You can however, place other window types that do open on either side of a picture window to enable both light and ventilation.

Bay Windows

Bay windowsBay windows create an interesting “nook” out of glass while letting in both light and ventilation.  They are typically angled outward, giving a room a more spacious feel.  You’ll often find bay windows in kitchens, family rooms and master bedrooms.  They create a great place for a seating area.

Regardless of the type of window you need installed or replaced, Just Real Construction can help you ensure they are installed professionally.

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